First Things First: You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me, Right?

Vegan.  VEGAN.  Ve-Gan. V.E.G.A.N.  Vegan.

When this steak loving girl was told she needed to adopt a VEGAN lifestyle to improve her health, I laughed out loud at the specialist I had just met.  Literally LOL'd.  And then I cried a little.

Besides the uncontrollable weight gain I've been experiencing, I've got some high numbers of some not so great things in my recent bloodwork.  Something is obviously wrong and my precious primary care doctor sent me to a specialist to start narrowing down what it could be.  We still don't know, but in an effort to reduce the newly diagnosed high inflammation levels, the specialist told me to become vegan with the occasional serving of fish (fish as a consolation prize? I'll take it!). 

I love meat.  I love dairy.  I love eggs.  I love all the things.  Maybe a little too much. 

Pardon me as I pull out my soapbox: I love animal agriculture.  I STILL love animal agriculture and think that it is an important part of our nation's heritage and economy.  I support beef, pork, poultry, and dairy producers.  One does not earn two degrees in agriculture without being exposed firsthand (and at times elbow deep) to the realities of animal agriculture: the good, bad, and the ugly.  In every single category on earth there are those that do things the right way and there are those that try to cheat the system and make things worse for everyone involved and those are typically the ones that end up on the news.  I support the ones that do it the right way. *steps down from soapbox*

Now that my personal views are out of the way, lets talk about the realities of becoming a semi-reluctant vegan that eats fish every once in a while.  My sweet husband, also a lover of all things non-vegan, volunteered to try this with me.  How darling is that?!  I just love that man.  He has already been encouraging and supportive and has put on a brave face for me.  To the point where I am (oh dear I'm going to admit it) actually looking forward to trying this vegan eating thing for real.  Wowza. 

First things first: I created a new Pinterest board!!! I pinned about 20 vegan/anti-inflammatory pins in under a minute.  Priorities, y'all.

Then I texted my niece who went vegan for Lent to see if she had any food suggestions or recipes I should try and she did!  I just love that girl. 

Next, I told a few of my closest friends and family.  Mostly for accountability purposes but in return they have offered sincere encouragement which has been the greatest gift!

This blog will serve as my personal accountability tool.  It's also a place for me to share recipes I actually like, talk about the struggles I will face, and celebrate the mini-victories I hope to have.  Dear reader, I pray that you find humor and support through this blog. 

For this new chapter in my life, I am applying the verse Psalm 63:5: You satisfy me more than the richest feast.  I will praise You with songs of joy.  So when I am starting to chew down the walls because I am craving a juicy steak, I will remind myself of this verse and sing a song of praise; I have a feeling my coworkers will know the entire catalog of the Broadman Hymnal before it's all said and done.

-The Semi Reluctant Vegan